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Welcome to Whaley Polled Herefords – Home of Great Victors

That has been our motto since the beginning in this business. We began as a small commercial breeder and then moved forward with a few Angus cows before we saw the light and moved to the Hereford breed. Nestled in the North Georgia mountains, we manage our cattle operation on the family farm that has been in the Whaley family for more than 77 years. We are the third generation to farm this land and it is a wonderful place to raise a family.

Our Victor-based herd has some of the oldest genetics in the Victor pedigrees. We have learned from some of the best Polled Hereford breeders in the southeast – the late J. E. Strickland, Pine Acres, Ga., the late J. L. Hadden, JLH Polled Herefords, Ga., and Charles Smith, CES, Ga. have had the most
influence in the breed in our area. Even with the deaths of Mr. Strickland and Mr. Hadden their breeding genius has lived on and is evident in many of the Victor herds in the South today. We feel credit should always be given to greatness and these men have achieved that with their cattle. Taking what we observed from those genetics, we have blended an out-crossing of the great Remitall Keynote sons and the Pearl 67G family with our wonderful Victor base. The results have astonished our fellow breeders and us. We had the great fortune to purchase the Grandview/Triple H herd in 2006 following the death of Stanley Hathorn, a great breeder and friend of the Hereford industry. His genetic foresight has now been blended into our herd giving us a broader base with the addition of his great bulls.

Please check out our donor cows and the great bulls that have infused our program with growth and performance that have far exceeded our expectations.
 Keymaster 125L has still been a favorite in our bull pen along with the wonderful Victor 4009 bull that has been a great success with our friends in Texas.  We are also using the services of Remitall Patriot 13P, Olympian 262L and Route 66.

We invite all to join us for our annual production sale each December called the Affair to Remember Sale. We also host an evening of food and entertainment the night before the Affair, and we hope to see you there.  Christmas lights will be glowing and the atmosphere should be just right.  Bring your top hat!  We'll supply the "pearls."
Thank you for your interest in Whaley Polled Herefords. If you have any questions about our cattle or if you would like additional information, please call us at
706-277-3993. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Whaley Polled Herefords
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